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Rapoify:  What influenced you to become the artist that you are today?
 Victor:  Pain… though I’m not a huge fan of it, pain has helped mold and shape my transformation as an artist. Ultimately it makes you fearless IMO                                                                                                Rapoify:  If there was one artist you can say you looked up to as a role model who would it be                                                                  Victor:  Just one… lol I would say Rick Ross. He’s an extremely underrated Emcee with an incredible mind for the business. From the records he chooses to sample, to the businesses that he owns creating jobs in the community he definitely influences me to expand my horizons.                                               Rapoify: Why music, what passion does it gives you?                               Victor: Music chose me. I had other plans lol God gave me a gift to move people through audio sound waves like no else can. People are my real passion, music just helps me connect them.            Rapoify: How did you choose your stage name?                                     Victor: Hahaha… my mom suggested something like Victory and I was like nah, I ain’t doing that. I like the concept of it though, I had beat the odds of drugs, and gun violence in my community. So I chose the word “Victor” instead and put my first name on the end of it. My “homies” hated it but they’re gone and it worked out.         Rapoify: What would be the best advice you would give to future artist?                                                                                                           Victor: The best advise…Believe in yourself at all times. Doubt is killing brilliant creatives everyday. Also, never stop creating and learn to position yourself.                                                                        Rapoify:  When did you start making music?                                        Victor: I started making music back in 2010 with my homies. We were a gospel rap group on the rise (or so we thought) lol  .  Rapoify: whats the purpose of your music?                                      Victor: Purpose, that’s good. Each song I create serves a different purpose but ultimately to connect with people and convey that they’re not the only ones with weird emotions and setbacks. God is my rock and my source for everything and I wanna give the people the same hope that helps me through my day to day.